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  • Screen size
  • Resolution
  • Type of touch screen
  • Touch points
  • Panel type
  • Panel shape
  • Interface
  • Mount method
  • 1.5″-110″
  • Depend on screen size
  • IR,PCAP, Resistive
  • Single to 50
  • LCD or OLED
  • Flat or curved
  • USB, HDMI,VGA, etc
  • Desktop, open frame, panel mount, wall mount, etc

Full kinds of touch screen monitors

Some commonly used touch screen monitors

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Best touch screen monitor for sale

Touch screen monitor has lots of parameters. Different projects need the monitors with different parameters and different parameters have different prices. For instance, some projects need the open framed monitors with touch. Some projects need the panel mounted monitors. Some projects need the wall mounted monitors. So what you need most is a professional supplier.

ITOUCHMONITOR is your best choice. ITOUCHMONITOR has full sizes of computer monitors with touch screen for selections. The sizes can be from 1.5” to 110”. In addition, ITOUCHMONITOR can provide variety custom monitors. The frame or enclosure, touch points and so on can all be custom. We can design the professional products with high quality and very good price to meet your requirements.

Screen size and resolution

The sizes of touch screen monitor is very wide. It can be from 1.5 inch to 110 inch. The resolution is related to the screen size. In most cases, a screen of the same size has several resolutions to choose from. The following table is the list of some commonly used monitors with touch. If what you need is not in the table, then please feel free to use the blue button to contact us.

Screen sizeDisplay areaResolution
10.1″ 216.96×135.6 mm 1280×800
12.1″ 245.76×184.32 mm1024×768
15″304.128×228.096 mm1024×768
17″337.92×270.336 mm1280×1024
19″376.32×301.056 mm1280×1024
20.1″408×306 mm 1600×1200
21.5″476.64×268.11 mm 1920×1080
23″509.184×286.416 mm1920×1080
23.8″527.04×296.46 mm1920×1080
24″531.36×298.89 mm1920×1080
26″576×324 mm1920×1080
27″597.6×336.15 mm1920×1080
32″708.48×398.52 mm3840×2160
37″819.36×460.89 mm1920×1080
40″878.112×485.352 mm3840×2160
Screen sizeDisplay areaResolution
42″ 930.24×523.26 mm1920×1080
43″ 940.896×529.254 mm 1920×1080
46″ 1018.08×572.67 mm1920×1080
47″ 1039.68×584.82 mm1920×1080
49″1073.78×604 mm 1920×1080
50″ 1095.84×616.41 mm3840×2160
52″1152×648 mm1920×1080
55″1209.6×680.4 mm 1920×1080
60″1317.31×740.988 mm 3840×2160
65″1428.48×803.52 mm3840×2160
70″1549.44×871.56 mm1920×1080
75″ 1649.66×927.936 mm3840×2160
84″ 1860.48×1046.52 mm3840×2160
86″ 1895.04×1065.96 mm3840×2160
100″2203.2×1239.3 mm3840×2160

A touch screen monitor of the same size will have several different resolution to choose from. If there is no suitable sizes or resolution for your application, Please use the blue button below to contact us.

The table just shows some touch PC monitors. In fact, there are more such products that are not in the table. If you want to know them more clearly, then you need to know how many types of such products are there. According to different standards, the touch screen monitors can be divided into different types and we can provide all of them.