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32 inch touch screen monitor we can provide

  • Model
  • Screen size
  • Display area
  • Resolution
  • Type of touch screen
  • Touch points
  • Panel type
  • Panel shape
  • Interface
  • Mount method
  • IT-TSM320V01-X
  • 32 inch
  • 708.48 x 398.52 mm
  • 1920 x 1080, etc
  • IR, PCAP, Resistive
  • Single to 50
  • LCD or OLED
  • Flat or curved
  • USB, HDMI,VGA, etc
  • Desktop, open frame, panel mount, wall mount, etc

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Basic introduction of 32 inch touch screen monitor

32 inch touch screen monitor is one of the most popular large touch screen monitors. Compared with other screen sizes, 32 inch screen has lots of advantages. First of all, 32 inch is neither too big nor too small. That means it’s suitable for lots applications.

The second, it’s price of 32 inch touch monitor is acceptable. Lots of customers like the large screen monitor, but their budget is limited. In that case, 32 inch is a good choice.

The third, 32 inch touch screen monitor has very rich resolutions for selection, such as 1366 x 768, 1920 x 1080, 2560 x 1440 and so on. If you like 4K touch monitor, then you can choose such monitor with 3840 x 2160 resolution. The highest resolution of 32 inch touch monitor is 7680 x 4320. It’s a kind of 8K monitor.

The Fourth, the screen of 32 inch touch screen can be flat or curved. The screen is flat by default, but we can bend the screen to be curved. Some projects need the curved touch screen monitors. If you need, we can make for you.

The display area of 32 inch touch screen monitor is about 708.48 mm x 398.52 mm. Such screen size is a little big if you place it on your desktop to play games or work. The most suitable applications for such touch monitor are the large interactive products, such as smart board, touch screen kiosk and so on.

Screen brightness

If we don’t mention it, many people may not pay attention to screen brightness. In fact, it’s a very important parameter for any display products. The 32 inch touch screen monitor is used to show some important information to people. If it’s too dark, it’s hard for people to see what’s on the screen.

Usually, 32 inch touch screen monitor is used indoors and its screen brightness is about 200 nits to 400 nits (nits = cd/㎡)by default. Such brightness is almost the same with the brightness of your TV or computer monitor. You can use it normally in indoor environment.

However, this is not absolute. Lots of products with 32 inch touch screen monitors are used outdoor, for example the outdoor digital signage. Some of them are used under sunlight, such as the sunlight readable touch screen kiosk. In that case, the screen brightness of the monitor should be higher than normal.

Usually, if the product is used outdoor, the screen brightness should be 400 nits to 700 nits. If it needs to be sunlight readable, then the brightness should be over 700 nits. The highest brightness of monitor can be over 3000 nits.

The brightness of 32 inch touch screen monitor is custom. There are lot of LCD panels with different brightness for selection. We can also adjust the brightness by ourselves. So, please no worries. What you need to do is to tell us your use environment, we will recommend the best 32 inch touch monitor to meet your requirements.

Touch screen

Touch screen monitor consists of computer monitor, touch screen and other components. There are several types of touch screens in the market. For 32 inch touch screen monitor, the available touch screens have infrared(IR), capacitive and resistive. What we recommend to use is IR or capacitive.

IR touch screen has black bezels in 4 sides, but its price is cheap. The width of the bezel is about 15 mm to 20 mm and the thickness is about 10 mm. In the process of structure design, you need to use the enclosure of your product to cover the bezels. Otherwise, the bezels would affect the appearance.

The capacitive touch screen is transparent. It’s very thin and there are not bezels. It’s widely used to make the high-end products with 32 inch touch screen monitors. However, Its price is a little higher than IR touch screen.

If you don’t know which one is the best for your application, you can contact us. We will send some advice to you. Normally, if the 32 inch touch screen monitor you need is curved, then you can’t use IR touch screen. If you need multi touch screen, then you need to choose IR touch or capacitive touch.

Best 32 inch touch screen monitor for sale

IT-TSM320V01-X is the model of ITOUCHMONITOR’s 32 inch touch screen monitor. ITOUCHMONITOR has plenty of such products with different parameters for sale. Compared with our competitors, ITOUCHMONITOR has lots of advantages. Fist of all, we manufacture all the products by ourselves. So we can control the cost, quality, lead time and so on.

The second, ITOUCHMONITOR have the capability to design custom product for you. The frame, brightness, touch point, function and others can all be custom. ITOUCHMONITOR have many professional engineers. The software we commonly used has AutoCAD, Solidworks and so on. If you don’t want to design by yourself, then we can design for you.

ITOUCHMONITOR’s 32 inch touch screen monitors have been exported to many countries all over the world. If you need such product with pretty price and high quality, please feel free to use the blue button to contact us. We will do our best to work for you.