Curved touch screen monitor

Curved Touch Screen Monitor

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Curved touch screen monitor|

Curved Touch Screen Monitor

Screen size:                     23.6″ to 85″                       

Resolution:                       Depend on screen size   

Type of touch screen:    PCAP                                 

Touch Points:                  Single to 50                       

Panel type:                       LCD or OLED                    

Panel shape:                    Curved                              

Interface:                          USB, HDMI, VGA, etc      

Mount method:               Desktop, open frame, etc

More Information

The curved touch screen monitor is one kind of touch screen computer monitor. Its screen is curved. In the past, the screens of all display products are flat. With the development of technology, the screen can be curved. So the curved display products were born, and become more and more popular.

The curved touch screen monitor has lots of features in common with a flat touch monitor, but it also has some special features, such as the price, screen size, and so on. In this guide, you will know every aspect of such a product.

There must be some reasons why a product is popular. Compared with a flat monitor, the curved touch screen monitor has some advantages.

First of all, the biggest benefit is its immersive experience. This is also the biggest selling point of all curved display products. Looking at a picture on a curved monitor feels like you’re looking at a real natural picture. The curved screen has a 3D effect. You can’t get a such feeling in the flat display product.

This is why plenty of gamers like the curved screen. It can bring gamers into an environment that is very similar to real life. Such experience is very existing.

The second, the curved touch screen monitor has a more comfortable visual experience. The distance between your eyes to the screen is roughly the same. That means you can easily see the picture at the edge of the screen. This is very important for the gamer.

In our daily life, there are many posts that need large-size monitors. For example, the picture designer needs to open multiple pictures at the same time for comparison, stock analysts need to look at all kinds of stock data at the same time.

If they use large flat panel monitors, they need to keep turning their eyes and head. This will waste time and be harmful to their health. It’s also easy for gamers to miss key information and lose the game. The curved touch monitor has no such problems.

The third, the appearance of a curved touch screen monitor is much more fashionable. In the past, all the display products were flat. The old gaming machines that are made with 2 or 3 flat monitors look very dull and boring. The new machines that are made with vertical curved touch screen monitors look much more beautiful.

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Compared with the flat touch monitor, the available screen size of a curved touch screen monitor is much fewer. If the screen size of a computer monitor is small, there isn’t necessary to be curved.
If the screen size is too large, then there isn’t an available curved touch screen. For reasons, please read the next chapter. The size of a curved touch screen monitor is from 24 inches to 50 inches. The commonly used sizes have 32 inches, 42 inches, and so on.
The resolution is a very important parameter of a computer monitor. For curved touch screen monitors, there are two types of commonly used resolutions. They are 1920 x 1080( FHD ) and 4K (3840 x 2160).
The FHD resolution was very popular in the past, but it’s still the most widely used at present. The 4K resolution is more and more popular in recent years. It’s the trend of resolution. The 4K curved touch monitor is one kind of 4K touch screen monitor.
There is a kind of curved touch monitor in which the size and resolution are very special. The aspect ratio of the common monitor resolution is 1920 x 1080 or 3840 x 2160 is 16: 9. However, the aspect ratio of the such monitor is 21:9 or 34:9. Its resolution is 3440 x 1440 or 5120 x 1440.
The screen sizes can be 34 inches, 49 inches, or others. Such monitor has a proper name which is called ultra-wide touch screen monitors. If you need such a monitor, please feel free to contact us.

The cost or price is the index that people are most concerned about when they buy products. Generally speaking, the price of a curved touch screen monitor is higher than a flat touch monitor of the same size. For example, the price of a curved 32-inch touch monitor is higher than a flat 32-inch touchscreen monitor.

Although the price is higher, it’s reasonable. The production process of curved touch screen monitors is much more complex than flat monitors. All of the frame, touch screen, open cell( core part of the LCD panel), and backlight system need to be bent into the same arc. This process is not easy.

The open cell is the most important part of a curved touch screen monitor. It accounts for most of the total cost. However, the thickness of the open cell is just about 1.4mm. During bending, it’s very easy to be damaged. That’s why the price is higher than a flat touch monitor of the same size.

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All the touch monitors have two core components which are essential. They are LCD or OLED display panels and touch screens. In order to make the curved touch screen monitor, both the display panel and touch screen need to be curved. The IR touch screen is very popular, but it can’t be curved.

The rest two commonly used touch screens are the capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen. They can be curved, but their sizes can not be too large. If it’s too large, its quality is unstable. That’s why the size of all the curved touch screen monitors is middle size.

Same with other interactive products, the touch points of curved touch screen monitors can be a single point, 2 points, and so on. The number of touch points of flat touch monitor can be as much as 50, but it’s much fewer for the curved monitor.

For a flat interactive monitor, it’s very possible that there are several people to play with at the same time. For example, several students draw pictures on an interactive table at the same time. So, plenty of flat-touch products have many touch points.

The curved touch screen monitor is not suitable for many people to play at the same time. Its requirement for the number of touch points is much lower. Maybe it’s just a single point or 2 points.

The display panel is one of the core parts of the monitor. According to the material, the display panels of curved touch screen monitors can be divided into two types. They are LCD panels and OLED panels. The flexible OLED panel is a new technology. Compared with LCD panels, it has many advantages.

For example, its contrast ratio is much higher. It’s much more flexible. It can be bent into an S-shape. It doesn’t need the backlight. Although the OLED has many advantages, its technology is not yet fully mature. That means its lifetime is shorter than LCD panels.

We recommend using the LCD panel. The cost of the curved touch screen monitor with an LCD panel is lower and the quality is better. If you have no special requirements, all the curved monitors are made with LCD.

Although most curved touch screen monitors are made with LCD panels, it’s not all LCD panels can be used to make such products. The LCD panels have different types and the panel of curved touch monitors is special.

In the past, all the LCD panels were flat and could not be bent. With the development of technology, manufacturers can produce panels that can be bent. Such a panel is designed for curved display products.

Usually, you can not find the curved touch screen monitor which already exists and is perfect for your project in the market. That means you need to order a custom product from the manufacturer. For the frame, different clients have different requirements.

Some clients need the monitor to be open-framed so that they can design the enclosure of the machine by themselves. Some clients need the monitor to be panel mounted so that they can install the monitor very easily.

What you need most is a professional supplier who has the ability to design and produce. ITOUCHMONITOR is your best choice. No matter what kind of frame or enclosure you need, we can design and make it for you.

Curved touch screen monitors are widely used in lots of applications. If you have been to the game hall, you should have seen many machines with such monitors. Plenty of gamers and designers like such products. If you have any questions, please use the blue button to contact us.