Large touch screen monitor

Large Touch Screen Monitor

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Large touch screen monitor|

Large touch screen monitor

Screen size:                     24″ to 110″                        

Resolution:                      1920×1080, 4K, etc          

Type of touch screen:    IR, PCAP,  Resistive          

Touch Points:                  Single to 50                        

Panel type:                       LCD or OLED                     

Panel shape:                    Flat or curved                   

Interface:                          USB, HDMI, VGA, etc       

Mount method:               Desktop, open frame, etc

More Information

The large touch screen monitor is one kind of touch screen monitor. Its display area is big. So how big the display area is large? Someone would say it’s over 24 inches. Others would say it’s over 32 inches. However, the answer is not important. The most important is you can find the best supplier when you need the such product.

Compared with the small touch screen monitor, the large touch screen monitor have some different features, for example, the resolution, the commonly used touch screen, and so on. In this complete guide, you will know every aspect of such a monitor, for instance, the size, brightness, and others.

Different projects use different large touch screen monitors. For example, some clients need the open frame type monitor, so that they can design their enclosure freely. Some other clients need the panel mount type monitors so that they can embed them in their machines very conveniently. Most projects use commercial-grade LCD monitors, caused by which can save their costs. However, some projects need to use industrial-grade monitors.

If you want to buy a large touch screen monitor, then the best solution is to find a manufacturer with rich experience. In that case, it would save you a lot of time and money. The professional manufacturer can provide plenty of custom monitors with different parameters.

ITOUCHMONITOR is your best choice. We can provide full sizes of large touch screen computer display monitors with the highest quality and pretty price. We have exported plenty of such products to lots of countries in the world. For example, one of our products is a 23.8-inch monitor with an IR touch screen. We have exported this product to the USA since 2014. It’s open-framed and used in the automatic photographic machine.

The size and resolution are two of the most important parameters of any computer monitor. You don’t need to worry about there not being a large touch screen monitor with an appropriate size for your project, caused by there are many commonly used big sizes for selection, such as 32-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and others.

For large monitors, the often used resolution has 1920 x 1080( FHD ) and 3840 x 2160 (4K). There are also some other resolutions for selection. The 4K resolution is more and more popular. With the development of the technology, not only the big monitors but also the small monitors have 4K resolution. If you want to know more, you can read the 4K touch screen monitor page.

 If you try to purchase a large touch screen monitor, you need to face many parameters, such as interface, contrast ratio, and others. There are some parameters that people are familiar with. However, there are some parameters that are very key and easy to ignore. The following is the list. 

1. Screen brightness: It’s used to describe how bright the display monitor is. The higher the screen brightness, the brighter the monitor. By default, the large touch screen monitor is used indoors and the screen brightness is about 200 nits to 400 nits. If your LCD monitor is used outdoors or the rooms in which the sunlight can reach the monitor, then the screen brightness should be higher.

If your large touch screen monitors are used outdoors, the brightness should be the same as an outdoor monitor. If you need the monitor to be readable under sunlight, then the brightness should be the same as the sunlight-readable monitor. 

2. Waterproof function: Some large touch screen monitors need to be used in special environments with water, steam, or other liquid. In similar situations, the monitors should be waterproof. We usually use IP rating to describe the waterproof ability, such as IP65, IP67, and so on. The higher the IP rating, the better the waterproof ability. For details, please read the waterproof monitor page. 

3. Frame: The frame of a large touchscreen monitor is custom. Different projects need display monitors with different frames. Some clients like monitors which are open-framed so that they can design their enclosures freely. Some other clients like the panel mount type monitor so that they can install them to their machines very conveniently.

If you don’t want to design the frame of a big touch screen monitor by yourself, we can design it for you. What we commonly used software has AutoCAD, Solidworks, and so on.

Some projects need the touch monitor to be as large as possible. So, what size is the largest?  The size of a touch screen monitor is decided by the LCD panel it uses and the biggest LCD panel at present is 110” (display area: 2436.48(W)×1370.52(H) mm). The 110” touch screen computer monitor is so big so that it has some special features.

First of all, it can only use the IR touch screen. There are no 110” resistive touch screens and 110“ capacitive touch screens that are available. The IR touch screen has a frame and its size is custom. A single-touch and multi-touch are both available.

Second, it just can be shipped by sea. The package of 110” monitor is too large to ship by air. If you buy one 110” such monitor from China, it would take about 30 days to receive after it’s sent out.

There are several similar sizes of large touch screen monitors and the following is the basic information with 110”

Size                Display area                       Resolution

                 75”     1649.66 x 927.936 mm          3840×2160 or 1920×1080

86”      1895.04 x 1065.96 mm               3840×2160

98”      2158.85 x 1214.35 mm               3840×2160

110”     2436.48 x 1370.52 mm              3840×2160

If you think it’s still not large enough, then you can use the touch screen video wall which is made of several pieces of touch screen display monitor, such as a 2×2 video wall( 4 pcs monitors in total), 3×3 video wall( 9 pcs monitors in total) and so on. The disadvantage of the video wall is there is a black gap between the monitor screens.

The display panel is the core part of a large touchscreen monitor. According to the material, the panels can be divided into two types: LCD and OLED. The LCD monitor is the most commonly used. It’s a kind of old technology, but the price is better and there are full sizes from 24 inches to 110 inches for selection.

The OLED is a new technology and there are just several screen sizes that are available. If you need an OLED touch screen monitor, please contact us first. Both the LCD panel and OLED panel can be used to make a big curved touch screen monitor.

For large computer monitors, there are two types of touch screens that are available. They are capacitive touch screens and IR touch screens. They both can be single-touch or multi-touch. The points of multi-touch can be as much as 40. The capacitive touch is transparent and frameless. The thickness is about 1mm – 2mm. The size of the IR touch can be custom, but it has a frame.

For large touch screen monitors, the capacitive touch has some advantages. For example, It can be curved. The IR touch screen can not be curved. If what you need is the curved touch screen monitor, then the Capacitive touch screen is the best choice.

However, the capacitive touch can be used with the large monitor which is over 55 inches. When the size is over 55 inches, its stability will become worse and it can easily be disturbed by the surrounding magnetic field. So, if you need a very big touch, screen monitor, then the IR touch is the only solution.

If you go to McDonald’s, you’ll see several self-ordering machines with large touch screens in the store. You can easily place an order on the machine. In fact, the large touch screen monitor is widely used in plenty of products. The followings are some typical applications.

Smartboard: It’s widely used in the classroom and office. The students can use it to learn and draw.

Touch screen table: It’s a kind of interactive smart table. The users can use it to play games.

Kiosk: You can see it in schools, hospitals, and many other places. It’s used to post some important information.

Digital signage: It’s used to post advertisements. It’s widely installed in bus stations, subway stations, and supermarkets.

A large touch screen monitor has some special features. For example, most such display monitors are used in commercial products. If the screen size is over 55 inches, then the only available touch screen for such a monitor is the IR touch screen. If you have any questions about such products, please feel free to use the blue button to contact us.