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Small touch screen monitor we can provide

  • Screen size
  • Resolution
  • Type of touch screen
  • Touch points
  • Panel type
  • Panel shape
  • Interface
  • Mount method
  • 1.5″ to 24″
  • Depend on screen size
  • IR,PCAP, Resistive
  • Single to 50
  • LCD or OLED
  • Flat or curved
  • USB, HDMI,VGA, etc
  • Desktop, open frame, panel mount, wall mount, etc

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Chapter 1: What’s the small touch screen monitor

The small touch screen monitor is a kind of touch screen computer monitor with small screen size. The touch monitor can be roughly divided into two categories: small and large. There is no clear dividing line between these two categories.Generally speaking, the screen which is less than 24 inch is small and the rest is large.

Compared with large screen, the small touch screen monitor also has some special features, such as the function, resolution and so on. For example, we can say all the large touch screen monitors belong to PC monitors, but the small touch moniors are different. Some of them can be used as computer monitors, some of them cann’t.

Lots of people are interested in what’s the smallest touch display montor or what’s the smallest PC touch monitor. In this guide, you will get all what you need.

Chapter 2: Best small touch screen monitor for sale

The small touch screen monitor is more complex than large size monitor. It has more variables, such as the material of display panel, interface, size, brightness and so on. If you need such product, a professional manufacturer is your best choice.

ITOUCHMONITOR is a professional supplier. We can provide full sizes of small touch screen monitors. The smallest size can be about 1.5 inch. ITOUCHMONITOR can produce all kinds of touch screen monitors. We have exported lots of such products to the countries all over the world.

Compared with our competitors, ITOUCHMONITOR has the advantages of price and quality. ITOUCHMONITOR produces all the products by ourselves, so we can control the cost, quality and lead time. ITOUCHMONITOR can provide all kinds of custom products and we can design for you.

Just send your requirements to us, we will do our best to work.

Chapter 3: What’s size of the smallest touch screen monitor

According to the function, the small touch screen monitor can be divided in two type. The first type is used as computer monitor and the second type is used as the display monitor of instruments, smart products and other products. Lots of the parameters of the two types are different. For details, please read the next two chapter.

Chapter 4: Small touch screen monitor for pc

Such type is very simple. Plenty of people use the computer monitors regularly. The small touch screen monitor for PC is just a kind of computer monitor with touch screen. Its screen size can be from 6.5 inch to 24 inch. The resolution is related with the screen size.  The monitor with the same size always has several available resolutions.

For example, for the 24 inch touch screen monitor, the available resolutions have 1920 x 1080, 1920 x 1200, 3840 x 2160( 23.8 inch ) and so on. The touch monitor with 3840 x 2160 resolution belongs to the 4K touch screen monitor.

Smallest screen size

Lots of clients search the touch PC monitor which the screen szie needs to be as small as possible. On one hand, the spaces of their products for monitors is limited. On the other hand, the smaller the size, the cheaper the price. So what’s the size of smallest touch screen monitor for PC? The answer is 6.5 inch.

The display area of 6.5 inch monitor is about 132.48 x 99.36 mm and the resolution can be 640 x 480, 1024 x 768 and so on.

The following table shows the screen sizes and resolutions of most small touch screen monitors for PCs. You can choose the best one for your application.

Screen sizeDisplay areaResolution
6.5″132.48 x 99.36 mm640 x 480
7″152.4 x 91.44 mm800 x 480
8″162.048 x 121.536 mm1024 x 768
8.4″170.4 x127.8 mm800 x 600
9″198.72 x 111.78 mm1280 x 720
10.1″216.96 x135.6 mm1280 x 800
10.4″210.4 x157.8 mm1024 x 768
11.6″256.32 x 144.18 mm1920 x 1080
12.1″261.12 x163.2 mm1280 x 800
13.3″293.472 x 165.078 mm1920 x 1080
Screen sizeDisplay areaResolution
15″304.128 x 228.096 mm1024 x 768
15.4″331.2 x 207 mm1280 x 800
15.6″344.16 x193.59 mm1920 x 1080
17″337.92 x 270.336 mm1280 x 1024
18.5″409.8 x 230.4 mm1366 x 768
19″376.32 x 301.056 mm1280 x 1024
21.5″476.64 x 268.11 mm1920 x 1080
23.6″521.395 x 293.285 mm1920 x 1080
23.8″527.04 x 296.46 mm1920 x 1080
24″531.36 x 298.89 mm1920 x 1080

A small touch screen monitor of the same size will have several different resolutions to choose from. If there is no suitable sizes or resolutions for your application, Please send message to us.

Chapter 5: Small touch screen monitor for instruments etc

Compared with the first type, such type is more popular. Plenty of products use such touch monitors, such as smart phones, smart watches, smart handheld devices and many others. The small touch screen monitor for instruments more omplex than that for PC. The same item always have several available parameters.

For instance, the materials of display panel can be OLED, FSTN and so on. The number of display color can be 262K, 16.7M and so on. The shape can be rectangular or round.

The OLED monitor is a special small touch screen monitor. It’s widely used in smart prodtcts. Althrouch its screen size is very small, but the resolution can be very high. For example, the resolution of 1 inch OLED touch monitor can reach up to 2560 x 2048. There are also lots of OLED touch monitors with low resolutions, such as 128 x 32, 128 x 64 and many others.

Smallest screen size

The smallest screen of such type can be 1 inch. In fact, the size can be smaller. For the manufacturer, it’s not difficult to produce the touch monitor that is smaller than 1 inch, such as 0.6 inch, 0.5 inch and so on. However, if it’s too small, there is no sense to have touch function.

Generally speaking, smart watch is the product with the smallest touch screen monitor that we commonly use. Its screen size is about 1 inch to 1.5 inch.

The following table shows the screen sizes and resolutions of most small touch screen monitors for instruments etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the blue button to contact us.

Screen sizeDisplay areaResolution
1.5″29.76 x 22.32 mm480 x 240
1.8″28.03 x 35.04 mm128 x 160
2.0″40.8 x 30.6 mm320 x 240
2.2″33.84 x 45.21 mm240 x 320
2.4″36.72 x 48.96 mm240 x 320
2.7″54 x 40.5 mm320 x 240
2.8″43.2 x 57.6 mm240 x 320
3.0″36.72 x 65.28 mm360 x 640
Screen sizeDisplay areaResolution
3.2″48.6 x 64.8 mm240 x 320
3.5″70.32 x 52.74 mm320 x 240
4.0″51.84 x 86.4 mm480 x 800
4.3″95.04 x 53.856 mm480 x 272
5.0″108 x 64.8 mm800 x 480
5.5″68.04 x 120.96 mm1440 x 2560
5.7″115.2 x 86.4 mm640 x 480
6.0″74.52 x132.48 mm720 x 1280

A small touch screen monitor of the same size will have several different resolutions to choose from. If there is no suitable sizes or resolutions for your application, Please send message to us.

Chapter 6: Touch screen

For small touch screen monitor, all the touch screens are available. There are 3 commonly used types. They are resistive touch, capacitive touch and infrared( IR ) touch. The IR touch screen has many advantages, but it’s commonly used with the monitor which is less than 19 inch.

For example, one of our small touch screen monitors is the 24 inch touch computer monitor. We have exported such product to USA since 2014. It’s made by the IR touch screen and our clients use it in their photo booth.

The IR touch screen has frame. However, the resistive touch and capacitive touch are frameless and transparent. Their thickness are just about 1.5mm. Such feature is vey important for small touch screen monitor. It can save lots of spaces.

Chapter 7: Touch points and touch pen

The number of touch points is custom. It can be single point, 2 points, 10 points, 50 points and so on. For small touch screen monitor, the single touch point is the most widely used. In most applications, there is only one person to operate the touch function.

How many touch points are needed depend on your applications. For the manufacturer, there is no difficult to produce the products you like. Just send your requirements to the manufacturer, then you can get what you need.

For small touch screen monitor, the touch pen is more necessary. If the screen is too small, the touch pen is more convenient and fast than fingers. For example, when the clients use the pos machine to sign their names, the touch pen is much faster.

The touch pen is very useful, but not essential. For instance, it’s not convenient that the users use touch pens to select on their smart watches.

Chapter 8: Frame of small touch screen monitor

Same with other kinds of minitors, the frame of small touch screen monitor is custom. You can send your mechanical drawing to us. We will produce according to your requirements. If you don’t want to design the frame, we can also design for you.

There are several types of frames. They are open framed, panel mounted and frameless. You can select the best one for your products. The material of frame can be aluminum, iron plate and so on.

Chapter 9: Panel type of small touch screen monitor

The display panel is one of the core components of small touch screen monitor. According to the material, it can be divided into two types. They are LCD panel and OLED panel. The OLED panel is just popular for some smallest monitors, such as the monitors that is less than 3.5 inch.

Most of small touch screen monitors use the LCD panel. Althrough LCD panel is a kind of old technology, its quality is very stable and there are full sizes for selection. If the screen size of the monitor is larger than 3.2 inch, then the only available dsiplay panel is LCD. There are very few OLED panel which the size is between 3.2 inch to 24 inch at present.

The OLED technology is very new, but it’s not mature enough now. The life time of OLED monitor is shorter than LCD monitor. For your application, if what you need is less than 3.5 inch, then you can use either LCD or OLED. If it’s larger than 3.2 inch, then we recomment to use LCD panel.

Chapter 10: Conclusion

Small touch screen monitor is widely used in our daily life. It’s more popular than the large touch monitor. Plenty of applications use such monitors, such as cars, smart phones, smart watches, buses and many others.

Small touch screen monitor is an interactive product. The touch screen is an input device. It’s used to replace the mouse and keyboard. In our daily life, there are plenty of occasions that need to input some information.

For example, the car needs the driver to select the item to play. Music, movie or radio? The salesperson needs the customer to enter his signature on the POS machine.